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Tony Reyes Fishing Tours has been providing anglers with top tier fishing tours in the beautiful Sea of Cortez for over 50 years. The boat offers six day trips, departing from San Felipe, Baja, Mexico from March thru October. Tony Reyes Fishing Tours is the only multi-day operation departing from San Felipe, Baja, Mexico. The crew is Experienced, and Knowledgeable, some of our crew members have been with Tony Reyes fishing tours for over 40 years, and will provide you with the most memorable fishing tour vacation.

The Baja coastline is breathtaking and beautiful, so remember a camera. We will be fishing in an area called the Midriff Islands, which is the narrowest part of the Sea of Cortez, know as the “Yellowtail Alley” or “The Fishtrap” of the Sea of Cortez. This area is a natural migration route for Yellowtail. We will target this area, Yellowtail up to 40 pounds are not uncommon.

The Midriff season begins in April. As we navigate the many islands and reefs, your catch may include: Giant Squid, Yellowtail, Red Snapper, Grouper, Dorado, Pinto Bass, Roosterfish, Sailfish, Amberjack, Cabrilla, Giant Black Seabass, Shark, and many more species.

The type of fish caught varies by the time of year you book your trip. “Tony Reyes” only fishes the best times of the year, March thru mid November. During the first four months of the season we’ll target large Cabrilla, Yellowtail, White Seabass, Black Seabass, and a variety of bottom fish. The Yellowtail are not as big in the springtime but the numbers are excellent. Around the middle of June the Giant Yellowtail show up as well as  Dorados, Amberjacks, Pargos, Roosterfish, White Seabass and a steady bite of Cabrilla. The Giant Squid can show up anytime, however, some years they don’t show at all.

"Tony Reyes" the Boat

The “Tony Reyes” is the most experienced boat fishing the Sea of Cortez. The boat is equipped with GPS, marine and short wave radios, and fish finding electronics in the wheelhouse. Also, the boat is outfitted with life saving equipment if an emergency arises. The boat is a 107′ steel hull fishing vessel, accommodating 27 Anglers, Air Conditioned state rooms, and 110 volt electrical outlets in the rooms. Seven 2 Person State Rooms and Four 4 Person State Rooms make up the sleeping accommodations.  The “Tony Reyes” also carries nine 22′ Pangas, to fish from daily.

Tour Details

San Felipe is approximately 120 miles from the Border Crossing through Calexico. The Highway is good and safe to travel. Beware that there can be animals on the roadway. Seatbelts are required in Mexico and speed limits are enforced. In Mexicali there are Three Lanes to Travel, it’s recommended you drive in the center lane. It is best to travel during daylight hours. Mexico has handicapped parking defined by blue paint. Do not park in handicapped parking or you will be towed.

The harbor where the boat is docked is located three miles from town. When you arrive in San Felipe you will encounter a traffic circle. Exit the circle at the first right and in three miles you’ll see the harbor on your left. Drive up to the boat on the pier and unload your gear. There is a watchman aboard the boat, to secure the boat while it is docked in the harbor.

All anglers booked on “Tony Reyes” trips receive a 10% discount on terminal tackle purchased to use on your “Tony Reyes” Fishing Trip. Just mention you are booked on a trip at the register during checkout.
All cancellations are subject to 10% fee. Cancellations must be received 90 days prior to your trip departure date to receive a 90% refund. All Trips are considered booked when a deposit is received. The balance is due 90 days prior to your departure date. If the  balance is not received 90 days prior to departure, your deposit will be forfeited and your spot may be sold. If you have a Mexican fishing license please inform The LongFin at least 30 days prior to departure for a discount on your fare. Because Mexican Fishing License cost can change, we will let you know the current discount on your fare.

The Longfin Tackle Store acts solely as the booking agent for “Tony Reyes” Fishing Tours and has no control over the operations or policies of “Tony Reyes Fishing Tours” and assumes no liability or responsibility for any act, error or omission, or any accident, injury or loss, delay or irregularity caused by any defect in any vehicle or boat, or by any neglect or default of any company or person engaged in carrying out the purpose of the “Tony Reyes Fishing Tours” trip.

The entire boat is available to charter by individuals or groups wishing to book the whole boat. All trips are subject to fuel surcharges.


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