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  • I can show you the fishing experience of your life and share with you the excitement and beauty of the Sea of Cortez. This is my Goal.


Adventure is waiting for the fisherman who challenges the Sea of Cortez with the Tony Reyes. Fishing starts at sun up and ends at sun down. On those six -day trips you will get between four and one half and five days of actual fishing time. Trips depart from San Felipe on Sundays at approximately 10:00 AM. The Tony Reyes will sail about 22 hours south to the fishing grounds. After anchoring in a remote bay, the pangas are lifted from deck and prepared for your fishing adventure. Three anglers and one guide per panga fish each day according to their schedule. Though fishing is the order of the day, diving, beach combing and sight seeing are optional activities to enhance your trip. The Tony Reyes will return to San Felipe at approximately 2:00 AM Saturday, where your catch will be packed in your ice chests for the trip home.

San Felipe - Midriff Islands - Sea of Cortez

The area we refer to as the "Midriff" consists of many islands as well as the Baja coastline and is approximately 250 miles south of San Felipe. What this means to you is being surrounded literally by millions of fish, Being a natural migration route for Yellowtail, expect the action to be hot. You'll see why they call it "Yellowtail Alley."Be prepared for more. You'll fish all the major islands like Isla Partida, Angel de La Guardia, La Raza, Salsipuedes, Las Animas, San Lorenzo, San Esteban and San Pedro Martir. The fishing season starts in March and runs until November. Early in the season you will find Giant Black Sea Bass, White Sea Bass, Cabrilla, Giant Squid, Red Snapper, Pargo, Yellowtail and Grouper. As the season progresses through the month of November we find Dorado, Grouper over 100 pounds, Cabrilla, Pinto Bass, Roosterfish, Sailfish, Marlin, Amberjack and more Yellowtail!!!

The beautiful waters are enhanced by 80 foot Finback Whales and Bottlenose Porpoise. The "Midriff" is truly worthy of its name, "Fish trap of the Cortez." Mile long fish boils, feeding frenzies, massive Groupers capable of towing pangas and severing the heaviest monofilament, Tony has led fishermen to these "Hot Spots" for the past 36 years. When it comes to putting anglers on the fish, the divers in the middle of awesome underwater worlds, no one is more qualified than Tony Reyes and his crew.

Tony Reyes