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Midriff Island Trips:

The Midriff Islands are known as "the fish trap of the Sea of Cortez". You will board the boat in San Felipe, then travel about 250 miles south along the beautiful Baja coastline until you reach the islands.

This is a natural migration route for yellowtail and is known as "yellowtail alley". The midriff season begins in March and as you fish the many islands and reefs, your catch can include giant squid, yellowtail, red snapper, grouper, dorado, pinto bass, roosterfish, sailfish, amberjack, cabrilla, giant black sea bass, shark, and many more species. You may also see whales, dolphins, giant manta rays, sea turtles, and a variety of birds and other marine wildlife.

You will fish in 22' pangas with 3 anglers plus a guide. On your return Friday, our bus will take you to your vehicle to load your gear and catch. Although warm, hot and dry weather is the norm on some trips, February through May and October thru December can be cool, so plan your clothing accordingly.

The following items are suggested:

  • Short & long sleeve shirts
  • Wind breaker
  • Shorts and swim trunks
  • Long pants
  • 2 pair tennis shoes
  • Wide brimmed hat & cap
  • Toiletry items, towel, soap
  • Sunglasses
  • Chapstick
  • Insect repellant
  • Hand lotion
  • Flashlight, camera & film
  • Thongs for showers
  • Dirty clothes bag
  • 2 ice chests, max 86 qt. size
  • Extra snacks, drinks, booze, etc.
  • Bottle opener
  • Pillow and light sleeping bag or bedding
  • Cocktail ice (available in San Felipe) & cocktail glass
  • 25' light rope for tie downs

Items you can bring to Mexico duty free:

  • 3 liters alcoholic beverages
  • 2 cartons cigarettes

Items you can bring back to USA:

  • 1 liter alcoholic beverage
  • 1 carton cigarettes
  • 10 kilos shrimp per vehicle


You must bring a passport with you and get the 7 day free visa at the border. We suggest you purchase Mexican auto insurance before crossing the border. On the fly down trips you will need to get a visa, which is provided by the airlines.

Extra costs of the trip:

  • Tips — see recommendations below

Tip recommendations:

  • Tips are optional and should be based on service received. What is a normal tip?
  • $80.00 each to your guide
  • $20.00 each to kitchen staff
  • $40.00 each to the deck crew
  • You should tip your guide yourself. The kitchen staff will have a tip can in the galley the last day. You can give the crew their tip the last day when you pay your bill to the Charter master.

Rules of the Water:

Please conserve water on board as it is in limited supply. Save all bottles as we pay a deposit on them. Everyone is expected to help catch live bait. Jackpots are not boat sponsored; however, anglers are welcome to do so. NO DRUGS OR FIREARMS WILL BE TOLERATED!! This is a very serious offense in Mexico. No fireworks are allowed on the boats. We serve meals in shifts. Please exit the galley when you have finished your meal so others may eat. No smoking in any indoor rooms on the boat. Crushed ice is provided free of charge during the trip & for your trip home. Please put toilet paper in trash cans provided as Mexican plumbing cannot handle it. No ice chests over 86 qt. can be handled as they are too heavy for the crew to lift when loaded with your fish. Rooms & bunks are on a first-come first-serve basis; when you arrive select your bunk by putting some of your gear on it.

In order to give the crew time to clean the boat, boarding can begin after 2:00pm Saturday.

Please tip your guide yourself, and the kitchen staff will have a can in the galley the last day for their tips.

Auto Parking:

Secure parking is available at Tony's house in a fenced yard. The boats depart Sunday morning and return Friday afternoon. Gather at your boat by 8:00 am Sunday morning; after parking your vehicle at Tony's, we'll bring you back to the boat on our bus. We will sail as soon as the tide permits. The boat harbor is 3 miles south of town.

Because a full day of fishing can create hunger and thirst, the galley is well stocked for serving three meals a day. We recommend you bring your own ice for your drinks. Anglers are also welcome to bring their own beverages.

Suggested tackle list:

  • 1 40 lb. outfit
  • 1 50-60 lb. outfit
  • 1 100 lb. outfit
  • These are minimum outfits so bring more if you have them. You will use 50-60 lb. the most.

Additional tackle:

  • 8 each torpedo sinkers, 4, 8, 12 & 16 ounce
  • 3 each torpedo sinkers, 20 & 24 ounce
  • 5 quality bait-catching rigs
  • 25 each live bait hooks 6/0 & 8/0
  • Metal jigs, colors - chrome, blue/chrome blue/white, green/yellow; almost any color works well
  • 6 small jigs, DX or Christy 2
  • 8 medium - 6 XJR or CP 105 size
  • 5 large-6x size
  • 2 mirror lures for trolling-MR111
  • 2 trolling feathers
  • 6 yellowtail leaders, 60 lb
  • 5 4/0 snap swivels
  • 1 rod belt
  • 1 needle nose pliers, w/cutter
  • 2 wire grouper leaders
  • 2 squid jigs, heavies
  • in addition to these basic items we recommend rags, screwdriver, extra spool 50 lb. line, pliers, finger tape.

Additional La Paz or Loreto tackle:

  • 1 80 lb. outfit
  • 1 marlin trolling lure
  • 3 hoochie tolling rigs


All cancellations are subject to a 10% fee. Cancellations must be in writing 90 days before departure to receive a 90% refund. If the cancellation is received during the 90 day period the deposit, less fee, will be refunded if the spot is filled with a new angler. All trips are considered booked when a $300 deposit is received. The balance is due in full 90 days prior to departure. If payment is not received at this time, your booking may be sold and your deposit refunded, less fee.



For reservations:


Rental Gear:

We are now selling Tony Reyes Fishing Tours tackle boxes instead of renting them. You can purchase the entire tackle box for $160.00 and you get to keep it and use it again on future Tony Reyes Trips. The retail value of the Tony Reyes Tackle Box and the tackle included is over $200.00, and is only available to Tony Reyes customers.

If you are interested in one of these Tony Reyes Tackle Boxes you can either stop by or call 714-538-8010 and place your order with one of the guys at the store.

We Rent Out Rods and Reels
Type of Gear Price
Calstar Rod & Penn Reel with Line $30.00
Penn Reel with Line $25.00
Calstar Rod Only $15.00
3 Calstar Rods & Penn Reels with Line $80.00
Gear Included in the Tackle Box
Item Quantity
Plano 1412 Field Box 1
8oz. Torpedo Sinkers 3
12oz. Torpedo Sinkers 2
16oz. Torpedo Sinkers 4
Small Jigs 2
Medium Jigs 4
Large Jigs 2
Squid Jigs 1
Fishing Pliers 1
Rod Belt 1
Mirrolures 2
Grouper Leaders 1
Live Bait Hooks 25
Bait Catching Rigs 3

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